All I can say is…wow! Stunning footage. Much more interesting concept. One to which I can definitely relate.

Starting a business doesn’t seem as daring, risky or fun as extreme skiing and you might be able to convince me that it is not. But jumping off the beaten path and creating any new venture comes with significant challenges and risks. It is daunting to realize that other people are depending on you…and you are depending on them. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, particularly when those around you don’t agree with your choices. I’m talking about former co-workers, former heads of previous employers and even some family members.

Fortunately, my wife is incredibly supportive. She has been simply amazing during this startup period during which I’ve worked late nights and early mornings, traveled much more than we anticipated and when money has been much tighter than we hoped.

Without her support, I’d probably still be stuck in a dream.